1. Trump’s Historic 2nd Trial Opens with Graphic, Powerful Video


What You Need To Know:

Video of the attack on America by Americans was part of the opening presented by House Managers in their case against former President Donald Trump, during his second impeachment trial.

2. Meet the Women of Color Taking the Reigns at ESSENCE

What You Need To Know:

Leadership at Essence Magazine is banking on the talents of women of color as they appoint several women to its senior executive team.

3. Coronavirus Update: Upcoming Bill Reimburses Families Who Lost Loved Ones to Covid-19  

What You Need To Know:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have introduced a bill using special FEMA funds for families who have not been able to afford proper funerals for their loved ones who passed away from Covid-19.

4. “You about to lose yo job!”: Racist Remarks From GA Cops Caught On Video

What You Need To Know:

Police Chief Gene Allmond has resigned and Officer John Brooks has been fired from the Hamilton, Ga. Police Department after body camera footage of the two having a racist and lewd conversation surfaced.

5. Stimulus Checks Powerful Impact On Millions Of Americans

What You Need To Know:

If there’s any doubt about whether Americans should get stimulus checks, consider the powerful impact they have on families, communities and the economy.


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