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Teddy & Tina Campbell Celebrate 21 Years Of Marriage With New Song [VIDEO]

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To celebrate their 21 years of marriage, Teddy and Tina Campbell released a new single called “21” and a music to match. Sticking with their their “21” theme, the couple released it all on August 21. 

Cute, right? 

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“At times marriage is conflicting, hard and seemingly pointless. At others, it’s blissful, fulfilling and totally worth it,” the Campbells said in a statement, sharing good relationship advice to fans. “A truly valuable and lasting love takes time to develop, so never let the immature, inconsistent emotions of your growing pains keep yours from becoming mature, priceless and lasting. We didn’t, and that’s how we made it to 21.” 


The growing pains of Teddy and Tina’s marriage actually played out on television on WE TV’s Mary Mary reality series that aired for six seasons. After infidelity, they managed to work out their differences and became stronger together. 

Peep the video below…


As you may already know, Tina Campbell is one half of the gospel group MaryMary and sister of Erica Campbell. Teddy Campbell is a also a musician who served as the house drummer for 10 seasons of American Idol, along with some other late night shows. 

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